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Storage Tips & Tricks

Follow these steps to protect your valuable items in storage!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you properly plan, wrap, pack, and load your portable Loaded Storage unit. Take special care of your valuables to ensure a safe and positive storage experience. 


Storage Tips

  • Create an inventory of everything you’ll be storing in your unit.

  • Take photos of how you wrapped and packed each item.

  • Ensure you have enough packing materials, moving blankets, paper padding, bubble wrap to help protect your items. 

  • Be sure not to store food, perishable items, toxins, or flammable items in your storage unit.

  • Consult your home insurance agent to find out what’s covered under your home insurance policy. 

Packing Tips

  • Take pictures of your wrapped and packed items. 

  • Fill empty spaces in your packed boxes with paper to keep items from shifting while in transit.

  • Label boxes on all sides for added visibility.

  • Pack heavy items below, light items on top. 

  • Use small boxes for heavy items (books, electronics, etc.)

  • Use medium / large boxes for light items (towels, clothing, etc.)

  • Take advantage of our tie hooks in the container to strap items down in preparation for transport. 

  • Pack items you’ll need access to last for easy access.

Wrapping the Couch

Furniture Storage

  • To make the most of the space in your unit, disassemble large items such as tables, bed frames, cribs, etc. 

  • Remember to keep all the hardware bagged, labeled, and kept in a secure area. 

  • Make sure to use moving blankets to wrap furniture to prevent scratches (especially when stacking furniture on top of each other).

Electronics & Appliances Storage

  • Take pictures of all connections prior to disconnecting. 

  • Label all cords with which device they belong to. 

  • Wrap electronics in bubble wrap, foam padding, or newsprint. 

  • Clean appliances (especially ones relating to food) prior to storing. 

  • Leave doors open when possible to prevent mildew. 

  • Wrap appliances with moving blankets to prevent scratching.

Microwave Buttons
Image by Jonny Caspari

Art & Fragile Item Storage

  • Pack pictures, mirrors, artwork vertically in picture / mirror boxes.

  • Wrap each item with paper padding or foam. 

  • Use dish cell packaging for fine china and fragile dishes.

  • Label all fragile boxes on all sides, “FRAGILE”.

Clothing, Bedding, and Window Treatment Storage

  • Make use for wardrobe boxes to keep clothing on hangers. 

  • To save space, use dresser drawers to store small / light items. 

  • If storing wool items, include cedar chips or mothballs to prevent damage.

Image by Chastity Cortijo

What makes our storage units the best?

Premium Grade Insulation

Our containers feature R8 insulated walls and roof to provide added protection for your valuable items!

Professional Grade Security

Lock your storage unit with our durable double-lock hasps, compatible with the most secure disc locks!

Text Friendly

Communicate with our team via text! Schedule your deliveries, moves, and returns with ease!

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Whether it's sunny, snowing, or raining, our containers are safe to load with their rubberized flooring.

Horizontal Loading Technology

Keep the contents of your unit safe and level while we load your unit onto and off of our truck horizontally!

Weather & Rodent Resistant

Our steel frame and wall design will provide superior protection against the elements and unwanted pests!

Easy Access Swing Doors

Our swing doors save interior space, provide added weather seal, and have an emergency exit release!

Security Tie-Downs

Easily strap your items into place in preparation for transport using our interior tie-down hooks!

Need Storage? Get Loaded!

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