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Frequently Asked Questions

When are transportation charges applied?

Transportation charges are applied for each of the following events (as applicable):

  • Deliver Empty: The initial delivery of your empty box from our yard to your home or office. This charge applies to all customers.

  • Curb to Curb: Picking up the box from it's initial delivery address and delivering it to a new address (for example: picking up the box from your old home and delivering it to your new home if you're using the box for your move). This charge also applies if you request for your box to be repositioned or relocated at the same address. 

  • Return Full: Picking up the full box from your home or business to be stored at our yard. 

  • Deliver Full: Delivering your full box back to your home or business after being stored at our yard. 

  • Return Empty: Picking up the empty box from your home or business when you no longer need it. 

Do I need to be at the delivery address during the drop off or the pick up?

While it's not a requirement for you to be at the delivery address while we drop off or pick up the box, we do recommend it if you are particular about where we place the box, or if you have any questions about how to operate the box. 

Is the portable storage unit weatherproof?

Our steel boxes are sealed from the elements. They feature R8-Rated insulation on the walls and roof to prevent condensation, sealed walls and swing doors, and a rain lip above the doors to divert any water from entering. 

What if I need to keep the unit longer than I originally anticipated?

That's no problem! Our rental agreements are all month-to-month. This allows you to keep the container for as little or as long as you need! Simply call us to schedule pick-up 1 to 2 weeks prior to your requested return empty date to ensure availability on our schedule. 

What portable storage unit sizes do you offer?

All of our boxes are 8' wide, 16' deep, and 8' high. The reason we don't offer a range of sizes is due to market demand, economy of scale, and logistical efficiency, which is passed on to your in the form of lower pricing! 

Do I need to put my own lock on my mobile storage unit?

Our locking mechanism works with a vast majority of "over the counter" locks found at Home Depot or Lowe's. However, this is not something you need to consider because all of our customers are given a brand new complimentary lock with their initial delivery - which is yours to keep!

How much does it cost to rent a portable storage unit?

Our rates are always published live on our Pricing Page, with no need to provide any of your information prior to viewing - unlike our competitors who require that you provide all of your information before they show you their pricing... which is typically higher than ours! 

Can you delivery a portable storage unit to my apartment complex?

We have a great relationship with most local apartment management companies. That being said, it's always a good idea for you to discuss your portable storage delivery with your building manager prior to scheduling delivery to ensure space availability and insurance requirements are met. 

Do you move out of state?

No. We currently only provide portable storage services within the state of New Jersey. 

Can I access my portable storage unit if it's stored at the Loaded Storage yard?

We don't allow public or customer access to our yard for the safety of all our customers. However, we can schedule to bring our box to your home or business for you to access as needed (this would be considered a Deliver Full and Return Full transportation charge). Some customers opt to keep their box at a friend or family members house in order to save on the off-site storage premium, as well as retain unrestricted access to their belongings. 

When should I reach out to schedule a delivery or pickup?

Our schedule varies depending on seasons and market conditions. We typically request 1 to 2 week notice to ensure your requested date is available - however, we will always do what we can to satisfy our customers needs when possible! 

Can you move my Loaded portable storage unit, full, from one location to another?

Yes! A large part of our business is moving customers from their old homes to their new ones using our boxes. Keep in mind, all equipment has it's limits, and in this industry it is typical to request you don't load more than 5,000 pounds of contents into the box. This shouldn't be a problem if your contents are light weight or typical household goods and furniture. 

Have any other questions? Reach out!

You can call or text us at 844.529.2017, fill out the contact us form below, or start a live chat using the button on the bottom right of the screen. 

Our Storage Container Specs

Size: 8' wide x 16' deep x 8' high

Insulation: 3" thick interior insulation on walls and roof

Max Weight Capacity: 6,500lbs

Container Empty Weight: 2,500lbs

Total Max Container Weight: 9,000lbs

How much can it store? About 3-4 rooms of furniture


What makes our storage units the best?

Premium Grade Insulation

Our containers feature R8 insulated walls and roof to provide added protection for your valuable items!

Professional Grade Security

Lock your storage unit with our durable double-lock hasps, compatible with the most secure disc locks!

Text Friendly

Communicate with our team via text! Schedule your deliveries, moves, and returns with ease!

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Whether it's sunny, snowing, or raining, our containers are safe to load with their rubberized flooring.

Horizontal Loading Technology

Keep the contents of your unit safe and level while we load your unit onto and off of our truck horizontally!

Weather & Rodent Resistant

Our steel frame and wall design will provide superior protection against the elements and unwanted pests!

Easy Access Swing Doors

Our swing doors save interior space, provide added weather seal, and have an emergency exit release!

Security Tie-Downs

Easily strap your items into place in preparation for transport using our interior tie-down hooks!

Need Storage? Get Loaded!

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